Mar 10, 2009

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For those of you not yet familiar, after many years of working in development and selling concepts for shows based on ideas from new writers, I created the TV Writers Vault as a marketplace for the TV industry to scout new material and ideas for shows. We have writers from all corners of the world, and some of the top production companies and networks in Hollywood scouting new projects. Shows discovered at the TV Writers Vault have been produced and broadcast globally on networks, including; Lifetime TV, A&E, SyFy, Discovery Channel, UKTV, Velocity Channel, and others.

Ask me how it works, what you love about it, what your concerns are, what the future holds, how it benefits new writers, or any specific aspect of the service. I'm happy to engage in some inspired discussions!

Post away. I'll blog back! :)

Note: This is not a Customer Service thread. All questions related to your account, or service at the TV Writers Vault should be directed to admin at the site: webmaster at tv writers vault dot com


  1. I am an aspiring screenwriter living in Oregon. I continue to read that it is difficult for anyone outside of Hollywood, or without connections, to get a foot in the door. What's your input on this subject?

  2. HI
    I have a fantastic reality show that I registered on the creators vault and I am stuck. I don't know where to go from here. I do not have a lot of money to invest in finding out how to navigate the system and I get paranoid about discussing the project for fear that someone "in the know" will beat me to the punch. HELP!!!!!

  3. Hi Mamakin-
    Thanks for the post. Yes, it is very difficult for anyone outside of the industry to get their foot in the door, but also know that its extremely difficult for anyone to sell a show even if they're in the industry. The tables turn when you have a great project. Then it doesn't matter if you live in Alaska, if you can get it out to enough companies, you'll find positive action. If they want it, they can care less where you're from. They want the project.

    From a networking angle, its always best to live in L.A. because thats how you foster relationships, and can attend meetings when you do get stuff going. Its a contact sport if you're in it for the long haul.

  4. Hi Faydra-
    You're not stuck at all, you're now ready to get out there and find the right company for your project. It comes down to this- If you're not willing to expose your project, you'll never sell it. All you can do is take measures to minimize risk, such as archiving it at and keep all records of exposure, such as the project status reports at the TV Writers Vault ( ) and Screen Writers Vault ( ). Never dump the project on companies that haven't accepted your request for submission, and keep records of all emails, faxes, and mailings. You should also assume that others are already developing the same or similar concepts, and you need to start the fight to get it to the mountain top first.

  5. Scott do you represent individuals? If so what is the process?

  6. Hi Becky-
    Thanks for the interest. I don't represent individuals, and do not operate as an Agent. Between managing the TV Writers Vault, and the development/writing I'm hired out to do, it'd be impossible to be an Agent as well. That's another full-time job, even if only for one project.

  7. Mr. Manville,

    Good afternoon to you.

    My name is Leander Beatty Jr., an aspiring writer and author residing in St. Louis, Missouri.

    I was looking over some websites today and I came upon, a website for game show writers that I had visited quite a while back.

    Well, I had posed a question regarding the formatting and subsequent submission of game show proposals.

    I never heard anything, got quite depressed and did not return to the website until today, where I saw that you had responded to my question.

    My apologies for just getting back to you, Mr. Manville, for the reasons listed above.

    Your response is like a cure for depression (smile).

    If possible, can you please contact me via e-mail at your convenience? I would love to communicate with you, tell you what I have to offer, and most of all, get some honest critique about my offering and its chances.

    I appreciate any advice you can offer. I thank you very much for your time, and I anxiously await your reply.

    God bless you this day and always,

    Leander (Lee) Beatty Jr. (work) (home)