Mar 10, 2009

TV Format Development

Probably the biggest hurdle any writer or creator faces is the translation of that great concept onto paper. How do you communicate what a producer or network executive needs to read? How do you get them to see the clever hook your concept has, and the potential of the show? Is your written synopsis showing them what the show is?

If you have any specific questions about the development or pitching of your television projects, post them here, and we'll discuss.

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For those of you not yet familiar, after many years of working in development and selling concepts for shows based on ideas from new writers, I created the TV Writers Vault as a marketplace for the TV industry to scout new material and ideas for shows. We have writers from all corners of the world, and some of the top production companies and networks in Hollywood scouting new projects. Shows discovered at the TV Writers Vault have been produced and broadcast globally on networks, including; Lifetime TV, A&E, SyFy, Discovery Channel, UKTV, Velocity Channel, and others.

Ask me how it works, what you love about it, what your concerns are, what the future holds, how it benefits new writers, or any specific aspect of the service. I'm happy to engage in some inspired discussions!

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Reality TV Show Ideas - What Works and What Doesn't

Pitch Your New Reality Show Concepts To Top Producers at The TV Writers Vault

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Why do some ideas for reality programs work, and others don't?

The biggest challenge I've seen with new writers and creators pitching reality-based projects, comes in two forms.

1) The pitch gives more description of "why" the show is entertaining, and not enough about what we're actually seeing as content for the show, and...

2) The idea is more entertaining in theory than in reality.

With all the expectation one would have with a great idea for a new reality show, pitches often fall flat when the Producer isn't getting the very simple information they need to make a judgement call. Its a very straight forward question they're asking when they start reading the pitch; What Are We Actually Watching?

You've got to be real with yourself and step outside of the love you have for your great idea, and see it for what it actually is. Here's a familiar one: "We do a relationship reality series about matchmaking on the Internet. Everyone can relate, the stories would be endless, and we could have sponsor it". Sounds like it should work, right? Wrong. What would you actually be watching? People surfing the internet? People on blind dates?(already overdone). People emailing eachother, flirting? One word describes all of that- Boring.

So the challenge remains; what key elements can you build a concept around that will give your pitch compelling content. Reality TV is successful because people are interested in the human condition, and seeing new things outside of their own reality. Concepts that are being scouted and picked up by Producers at the TV Writers Vault most often involve a unique business, hobby, lifestyle, family or other subjects with strong characters involved, and content that is truly interesting to watch.

Get more details on this subject by checking out "How To Create and Pitch A Reality TV Show Idea" at the TV Writers Vault.

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