May 8, 2013

You Don't Have To Live In L.A. to Sell TV Shows

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Just wanted to bring you up to speed on some very exciting news for the TV Writers Vault. We've recently welcomed three new executives from ABC Entertainment, Lifetime TV, and Discovery Communications, all seeking original concepts for new shows from Writers at the TV Writers Vault. Its also been an exciting week seeing projects discovered that were pitched by Writers from Charleston, WV., Fort Worth, TX., Atlanta, GA., Miami Beach, FL., Phoenix, AZ., and Palmer, AK., proving you don't have to live in Los Angeles to get your work discovered, if you use the TV Writers Vault to pitch your projects.

Following is a list of current Networks and Studios using our service to discover new projects from Writers and Creators like you:

20th Century Fox TV
ABC Cable Networks
ABC Entertainment
ABC Studios
CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
CBS Entertainment
CBS Films
CBS Paramount
CBS Studios International
CBS Television Distribution
CBS Television Studios
Disney Channel
Fox Broadcasting
Fox Television Studios
FX Network
Lifetime TV

Congratulations to six of our members receiving contact requests from Executives in just the past few days, after their TV show concepts were reviewed at the TV Writers Vault:

Elizabeth DeVaney - Atlanta, GA.
Misty Lively - Charleston, WV
Wayne Erik Williams - Fort Worth, TX
Manuel L. Fernandez - Miami Beach, FL.
Joni Navarro Sucato - Phoenix, AZ.
Deborah Burlinski - Palmer, AK

This, in addition to the hundreds of Writers we've helped break into the industry, with dozens of Producing deals for their projects, and multiple shows aired globally. We're seeing the Industry's activity at the site heat up, so get your projects in the mix. We invite you to pitch your original TV show ideas and script. VISIT HERE

If you'd like to learn more about the TV Writers Vault, check out our recent interview featured at the TV Writers Podcast detailing the history of our site, how it functions, and how we've helped countless new Writers & Creators break into the Television Industry. VISIT HERE

We look forward to helping you connect your projects with the right Producers. Email us if you need any advice or guidance.

Best of luck with your projects!

Yours Truly,

Scott Manville

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