Apr 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty: The New American Sitcom

When "Reality TV" hit hard in the year 2000, with breakthrough hits like Survivor, The Bachelor, and Big Brother, the TV industry and viewers alike were as equally conflicted as they were compelled to watch what seemed to be a cheap thrills genre that was quickly pushing the Sitcom and other scripted fair off of the programming map. But as we've watched the evolution of reality-based TV, its refreshing to see that the American appetite for good story and funny families hasn't changed at all. Move over Archy Bunker, The Robertsons are in town [Insert Duck Call Here].

As A&E describes in their Logline for their hit reality series "Duck Dynasty", "The Robertsons, a Louisiana bayou family living the American dream, operate a thriving duck call business while staying true to their family values and lifestyle", Duck Dynasty has become the new Great American Sitcom. One-liners delivered by dry-witted characters that you couldn't script (though most of their lines probably are), an unlikely situation of "red necks" who struck gold by creating of all things a Duck Calling device, a crazy uncle, judgemental grandparents, brothers at odds, and you have the ingredients for a great sitcom masked as a "reality show".

As unorthodox as the Robersons are, we love their integrity, and their devotion to God. What is also refreshing to see is an extended family essentially living together. How many families today have grandparents, parents, and kids, all intermingling on a daily basis? As a guy, I love seeing men not only wear the pants in the family, but camouflage pants! Or more likely, the women are smart enough to let the guys think they wear the pants while they truly run the roost. As a result, both are satisfied in their traditional roles, and their relationships seem all the more healthy because of it. How many times have you seen a zz-top lookin' grandpa pinchin' grandma's rump, and makin' eyes at her. Strangely refreshing.

As we follow the Robertsons through their jambolaya drenched lives, we'll see through the camouflage something we all wish we were, and Hollywood is so great at producing. Atleast they're not creating the Brady-esque sitcoms that gloss over real issues, and create expectations of relationships that just simply aren't REAL. We have the Housewives show to give us that!

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