Feb 25, 2013

TV Writers Vault First To Bring "Ideas" To Air

Big News. The TV Writers Vault is the TV Industry's first (and so far only) website to bring "ideas" from ordinary people outside the Hollywood system, to production and global broadcast.

Most recently, the TV Writers Vault has seen two new reality series produced and airing, after being discovered at the TV Writers Vault; "Saw Dogs" premiered on Discovery's Velocity Chanel, before being picked up for prime-time airing on Discovery Network. "Deals From The Dark Side" its U.S. debut on SYFY, after a successful first season run on A&E Australia, and OLN Canada. Series has been sold in 8 countries for broadcast. Creators, Executive Producers, and Stars of both series are all members of the TV Writers Vault where they discovered one another for collaboration and creation of these program concepts.

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