Mar 10, 2009

Your Business or Job as a Reality TV Series

If you're like me, you love the docu-reality series about fun, dangerous, unique, or strange professions. "Flipping Out", "Dog the Bounty Hunter", "Dirty Jobs", "Million Dollar Listings", "American Chopper", and others, all have that "can't stop watching" appeal that producers and viewers love.

If you have, or know of, a profession or business that may hold the fodder for a new reality-based series, let me know.

What has the craziest, or coolest job? Is your company a cast of characters?

Lets blog about it!

Leave your comments or questions, and I'll blog back.

If you're pitching a reality-based series, you may want to visit


  1. Wow! Mine is definitely in this category! I get the craziest letters from my readers/viewers! In fact, I'm working on marketing the idea to cable as we speak!

  2. That's terrific. I'm guessing this may be involving your profession as a doctor? Are you pitching your company or practice as the backdrop for the show, or yourself to be cast in a format you've created? If its based on your book, and the book has done well, that can help a bit.

  3. Mine falls into this category. (See the "In Your Dreams" synopsis). I'm encouraged that a number of Production Companies have reviewed the idea but none have taken the next step to contact me. I updated the content a couple of times and I am wondering if that helps it to get a second look. In other words, do the Production Companies see that an update has been made? And, is this a good idea?

  4. Hi Wayde-
    Its great you've received some activity on the project, and great that you're continuing to refine the treatment as its archived for review. Producers don't receive notifications of revisions for projects they've reviewed. All projects they review are listed in a project management area for their reference, and to make requests. Any edits by writers will show up instantly on their end.

    It really takes the right company to connect at the right time with the right project. I hope you find that. Best of luck.